Paid paternity leave in Mexico

Both women and men should be equally involved in their children’s education 

Paid paternity leave in Mexico
Society considered that when a couple welcomes a child, men must return to work a few days after the baby is born - Photo: File photo
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When we speak about gender equality we think it only refers to the inequality against women, especially because women don’t have the same rights as men or they have been excluded or marginalized. One of the most telling examples is the right to vote, the right women all over the world had access to not long ago. 

Moreover, women also fought for their right to education, work, earn a wage, and occupy high-ranking positions within companies or the government. Now women have also joined the armed forces, science, culture, politics, and international organizations. 

Nevertheless, gender roles have also prevailed. Society considered that when a couple welcomes a child, men must return to work a few days after the baby is born. 

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Now, the State of Mexico could become the first state to implement paid paternity leave among male employees, so that they can take care of their child for up to 45 days. The paternity leave would now last 30 days more than in the rest of the country, and it would also be paid. 

To achieve gender equality in Mexico, although it is evident women have faced more challenges through the years, men must become involved in house chores traditionally assigned to women, such as taking care of children, an area where men are not as involved. Furthermore, the government has reinforced the idea that women are responsible for raising the child. 

Although the government has implemented measures that benefit women, more states should adopt paid paternity leave as it is something that would also benefit women because now men would also be involved in education and looking after their children, sharing responsibility with their partners. In the end, the country must strive for equality in all areas. 


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