Nissan to lay off 200 workers in Mexico over the COVID-19 crisis

Nissan halted its Mexico car production for two months due to the pandemic

Nissan to lay off 200 workers in Mexico over the COVID-19 crisis
Nissan Motor Co. workers install a battery charger in a Nissan electric vehicle Leaf on the assembly line - Photo: Koji Sasahara/AP
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Nissan informed it will lay off 200 employees in Aguascalientes to ensure the sustainability of its operations in the environment caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Stemmed from the changes in the global and local industry, we have had to take important decisions to guarantee the sustainability of our operations in the current environment.

“As a consequence, there will be approximately 200 layoffs of workers at the Aguascalientes assembly line under the guidelines issued by the Federal Work Law,” said the company in a videoconference to present the new Sentra.

Nissan has three operating plants in Aguascalientes, one of which produces the Sentra model.

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Luciana Herrman, director of Nissan’s Corporate Communication, said that the Company is still committed to society and the Mexican market hoping for a soon recovery in the future.

After two months of suspending production in all its plants, the firm’s investment plans will remain.

“Last year, we launched the new Versa and we announced that Mexico had a product renovation plan of 60% in 18 months.

“Our investment plans must continue but we had to postpone them due to this contingency period,” added Herrmann.

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Nissan also asserted that it is ready to comply with the requirements established in the USMCA agreement that will enter into forcé on July 1 and that will adjust the new guidelines for trade.

For his part, Rodrigo Centeno, senior Marketing director for Nissan Mexicana, said that the sales expectations for the new Sentra have been better than forecast for, on the pre-sale that began on June 3, 800 units have been purchased when only 400 units were expected to be bought.

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