H.G. Giger arrives in Mexico

Titled “Alone with Night," the exhibition will be Giger's biggest retrospective

The nightmarish art of H.G. Giger arrives in Mexico
The exhibition will show representative pieces - Photo: Taken from HG Giger Mx's Facebook account
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For the first time, over a hundred pieces by Swiss artist H.G. Giger will be exhibited in the American continent, specifically in Mexico City.

Known for his work inside the film industry thanks to his contribution to the creation of the character Alien, Giger’s work will be exhibited from December 4 to March 31 in 109 Paseo de la Reforma, Tabacalera.

“It has been hard work. It’s going to be the first time, and maybe the last, in which these pieces will be exhibited in Mexico,” said Diego González, director of the exposition.

In a news conference, González was accompanied by curator Carlos Arenas, and Patrick Gyger, director of the Le Lieu Unique museum in France.

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Titled “Alone with Night,” the exhibition will show representative pieces like the mechanic head used in Ridley Scott’s film “Alien.”

“This exhibition taking place is a miracle; we did it some years ago in France and it has been Giger’s biggest and most important retrospective.”

“The exhibition is almost the same but a bit bigger so I’m not exaggerating when I say this is Gyger’s biggest exhibition,” said Patrick Gyger.



Una publicación compartida de HR Giger Mx (@gigermx) el

The exhibit includes collector’s pieces that will be seen along ten halls, in addition to pieces like a mural that was in Giger’s house and that has only be shown to the public once.

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“This exhibition has not been seen outside Switzerland; the artist had to die to celebrate him outside his country. What it looks is to put Giger in the place he deserves in contemporary art,” said the organizers.



Una publicación compartida de HR Giger Mx (@gigermx) el

“They know the artist for Alien, but what this exhibition will reveal is what was behind that monster. He began to work in the 60s so he has a broad work,” said Patrick.



Una publicación compartida de HR Giger Mx (@gigermx) el

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