A new alliance between the government and the business sector

There were clashes after the business sector was branded a predatory minority

A new alliance between the government and the business sector
On Monday, the President and business leaders announced they have reached an agreement - Photo: Berenice Fregoso/EL UNIVERSAL
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The relationship between the government and business leaders is different than during previous administrations. This time, a clear division was established before the new government took office. There were frictions after the business sector was branded a predatory minority and after the current administration decided to cancel the construction of the Texcoco airport.

For this reason, the picture of President López Obrador accompanied by prominent business leaders is a sign of change.

The meeting was the epilogue of a series of meetings where the government and business leaders discussed contracts signed during previous administrations, which were damaging, according to the new administration. The purpose of the meeting was to modify the contracts and reach other agreements that are not “disadvantageous” for the government. During the President's morning news conference, it was announced that the pipeline contracts would be renegotiated between the CFE and the construction companies, as both sides reached an agreement.

The fact that the content of the contracts was only known by one side and the fact that the government turned to international arbitration institutions sparked distrust among national and international investors, which along with the austerity policy, increased the pressure on an economy that is slowing its economic dynamism down.

The solution was made in good terms. Both sides were willing to reach an agreement and had a positive attitude. If from now on, there is constant communication between the government and business leaders, the investments will take place easily, without uncertainty, with the creation of new job opportunities. Yesterday,1,600 infrastructure projects were announced.

On the contrary, if there are more conflicts between the government and a sector, one area in the country could be paralyzed, which would inevitably affect society.

In the face of more urgent issues, Mexico needs agreements, not feuds and a priori disqualifications.

Differences should be solved through dialogue and soundness, with the determination to reach an agreement just as the issues were settled this time: without attacks or accusations.


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