Navidades en México

Celebrating the magic of Mexican traditions through dance and music!

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The Ballet Folklórico de México by Amalia Hernández is preparing its holiday season show titled Navidades en México (Christmas in Mexico) inspired by the history of Mexico, pre-Hispanic divinities and how Christianity was introduced by Spanish settlers.

Navidades en México will be held in the National Museum of History, located in the highest spot of the Chapultepec Forest from December 16 to January 7.

On Twitter, Ballet de Amalia Hdz wrote in Spanish “December dates are ready and all the magic of Navidades en México in the majestic National Museum of History, Chapultepec castle come along as well! Join us on a journey through our traditions, carols, and posadas in a show you can't miss!

The superb architecture of the Chapultepec castle will be the perfect scenery to stage the fusion between pre-Hispanic roots and Spanish influence.

The choreographies are the result of a field investigation conducted by Amalia Hernández (1917-2000) through a series of interviews with members of the communities that perform dances related to Christmas, along with a detailed analysis of archives on pre-Hispanic dances.

Navidades en México features a nativity scene representing the Annunciation accompanied by carols and a picture dedicated to the wise men in which the public can appreciate the "Danza de moros" (Michoacán), "La Culebra" (Tlaxcala), and "La Danza de los Diablos" (Guerrero).

The public will be able to participate in a traditional posada set to "El jarabe tapatío," "El son de la negra", and the traditional mariachi.


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