Theaters to rescreen 25 Mexican films in 2019

With support from the IMCINE, 25 Mexican films will be rescreened throughout the country

National theaters to rescreen 25 Mexican films in 2019
Oaxaca, Querétaro, Puebla, and Sonora are some of the nine states who will participate in the project - Photo: File photo/EL UNIVERSAL
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Although Mexican cinema is well known and appreciated around the world, local movie theaters usually relegate national treasures and prefer to screen American blockbusters. This is why the movie theater La Casa del Cine (The House of Cinema) in Mexico City decided to start a project called “Segundas vueltas” (Second Rounds), which now celebrates its third edition.

This year, the theater will rescreen 25 Mexican films in different movie theaters throughout the country, thanks to the support of the Mexican Film Institute.

In a press conference with the project manager Carlos Sosa, as well as some directors of the films that will be screened, the problems facing the Mexican film industry were discussed.

“More often than not, Mexican films are crushed by U.S. film premieres. I am not only speaking as a filmmaker but as a producer as well. We make our movies for the love of art, so that we can tell stories, because this is what we do, it’s our profession, and I think that everyone who has a profession has the right to make a living out of it. We need Mexican cinema to be given the space it deserves so that we can at least recover our investment at the box office,” stated Lucía Gajá, director of Mi vida dentro and Batallas Íntimas.

Oaxaca, Querétaro, Puebla, and Sonora are some of the nine states in which movies such as Los herederos, La danza del hipocampo, Made in Bangkok, La Maldad, and Zoé Panoramas will be screened.

You may consult the full program in Segundas Vueltas’ official website here.

In their past editions, the project gathered 37,664 viewers. This year, they expect their audiences to increase.


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