Breathtaking forests in Mexico

Mexico has the most amazing forests, from the rainforest to the cloud forest

The most breathtaking forests in Mexico
March 21 marks the International Day of Forests - Photo: Taken from Aguacatitla Ecoturismo's Facebook account
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Since 2011, the UN designated March 21 as the International Day of Forests to create awareness about the preservation of this ecosystem that does not only provide oxygen but that also work as a shelter of species of flora and fauna relevant for our survival.

Here are five destinations with the most amazing forests in Mexico, from the rainforest to the cloud forest.

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El Triunfo, Chiapas
One of the best-preserved cloud forests in our country is located in the Sierra Madre of Chiapas, in the Soconusco region, very close to the border with Guatemala. Its official name is El Triunfo Biosphere Reserve, home of two of the most beautiful birds in danger of extinction: the quetzal and the horned guan. Their flight covers the 119,000 hectares of the reserve. To follow their track, you must join the five to nine days expeditions organized by the environmentalists of Ecobiosfera.



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Their guides have permission from the National Commission of Natural Protected Areas (Conanp) to get deep into the designated areas that do not affect biodiversity in the reserve. During the hike, you learn about the flora, made up by orchids, ferns, and moss, but before, you will visit the Sumidero Canyon and a coffee farm.



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Sierra La Laguna, Baja California Sur
Who would think that there could be a pine forest in the middle of the desert? This is what you will find, in addition to canyons, in the high part of the Sierra La Laguna Biosphere Reserve, an oasis of natural pools and waterfalls, very close to the city of La Paz and the Magical Town of Todos Santos. These destinations are the point of departure for trekking and mountain bike tours in the reserve.

The first stop is the low area, where you will find natural pools and waterslides among giant and smooth rocks. You can spend all day swimming and watching bald eagles fly. There is also the option of camping.

The next day is used to climb to the Picacho area, where the pine forest is located. Depending on your physical condition, you will be able to reach the top in five or eight hours to watch the meeting of the Pacific Ocean with the Sea of Cortés.

Baja Sierra Adventures offers several adventure programs and more relaxing activities including foods.

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Aguacatitla Canyon, Hidalgo
The first thing you will notice is that in this part of the Metztitlán Biosphere Reserve continues the basaltic prisms system that has given fame to the Magical Town of Huasca de Ocampo, which is some minutes away. The landscape changes constantly since there are three kinds of forest: oak forest, bush forest, and rainforest (also known as jungle).

The variety of microclimates has allowed the development of different activities inside the canyon, such as guided hiking through caves with bats, canyoning with rappel in the prisms, and even a canopy circuit of six zip lines.

In the middle of the reserve, there are remains of an old thermoelectric plant, where you can camp and sail in a boat on the regulating reservoir. At night, there are hikes to watch the stars while several viewpoints are visited.

Turismo Alternativo Barranca de Aguacatitla is a cooperative of retired men of the thermoelectric plant.

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El Cielo, Tamaulipas
Since 1985, El Cielo is a Human Heritage, although long before it already was a Biosphere Reserve, the most important one in northeast Mexico.

In almost 145,000 hectares there are four kinds of forest: clouds, coniferous, oak, and rainforest, which cover the Tamaulipas municipalities of Gómez Farias, Ocampo, Llera, and Jaumave.

Only one-third of the reserve can be visited. However, this does not mean that fun is limited. You can practice hiking to reach the viewpoints where your attention will focus on the “sea of clouds” that covers the hills. You can swim in springs, practice rappeling in waterfalls, camp in a valley where locals claim to have seen UFOs (there are also cabins if you want to be more comfortable); and follow the tracks of five big felines (jaguars, ocelots, margays, wild cats, and pumas).

There are also classic activities like horse riding, zip lines, and mountain biking. If you like orchids, you can learn, with good memory and effort, to identify the 68 species. Cielo Arriba will take you there.

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