19 | JUL | 2019
Morena's power is on hold
Morena senators at Congress - Photo: Isaac Esquivel/CUARTOSCURO.COM

Morena's power is on hold

Mexico City
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Morena's power is on hold

In the Senate, Morena members are trying to make use of their legislative force and we've been told that the lawmakers are meeting with the Interior Minister, Olga Sánchez Cordero and the President's legal counsel, Julio Scherer Ibarra. They will discuss topics such as the ratification of the USMCA, the removal from office, referendums, palliative care, and expired ownership. We've been told that they'll remind the officials that the opposition will not vote in favor of the removal from office if the President insists that the referendum should take place on the same day as the 2021 elections and not in December after the President has been in office for three years. But since this is constitutional reform, it requires a majority vote but Morena needs 8 votes. That is: their power is on hold.

Politics and police against migration

And while thousands of members of the National Guard are being deployed at Mexico's southern border to prevent the entry of migrants, President López Obrador is trying to complement the police strategy with political and diplomatic negotiations with the Central American countries. This week, the President will meet with the President of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele, as well as with authorities from Honduras and Guatemala, to implement a plan to decrease the migration from these countries to the U.S. We've been told that the meeting will take place in Tapachula, Chiapas, on Thursday, where the President will host the international delegations.

Governors are still booed

PAN governors, Javier Corral from Chihuahua and José Rosas Aispuro from Durango, didn't have a good time during the President's visit to their states. Both governors were booed and yelled at. Rosas Aispuro confronted the protestors, whom he accused of represent certain interests. The President didn't help much since he held an impromptu referendum where it was decided that the construction of the metrobus in La Laguna will be halted. It's been over six months since the President took office and the opposition is still booed during public events.

Murat supports López Obrador

A PRI governor is one of the biggest enthusiasts and supporter of the migration plan agreed between Mexico and the U.S. We've been told that the governor of Oaxaca, Alejandro Murat, has publicly voiced his support for the plan since he is convinced that a registry of migrants will bring order and security. We've been told that without any political intention, Murat celebrated that, for the first time, the U.S. has agreed to invest resources for the development of the region. We will see if others join him.


144,000 migrants arrived at Mexico-U.S. border in 2019

Mexico's Migration Institute will work hand-in-hand with Marcelo Ebrard's special commission
144,000 migrants arrived at Mexico-U.S. border in 2019144,000 migrants arrived at Mexico-U.S. border in 2019


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