Morena could have prevented the daycare crisis

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Morena could have prevented the daycare crisis
The new government made cuts to the daycares budget - Photo: Alejandro Bringas/EL UNIVERSAL
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Morena could have prevented the daycare crisis

Morena Senators told us that since the adjustments to the budget began, they warned their party's deputies, especially the head of the Budget Commission, Alfonso Ramírez Cuéllar, that the cuts to the Daycares program would have consequences. We've been told that they suggested the cuts should be gradual and once they had the necessary infrastructure to care for the children, and that it shouldn't take place suddenly. We've been told that now the problem exploded, the deputies are trying to hide.

Alberto Anaya's daycares

The leader of the PT party, Alberto Anaya, was nervously waiting for President López Obrador at the Durango airport. As you might remember, Alberto Anaya knows a lot about taking care of children, since his wife and his party are promoters of daycares in Nuevo León, Is he one of those affected by the cuts? Did he discuss the issue with the President? Did the President listen to him? We hope Anaya finds these questions interesting and answers them.

So far from the PRD, so close to Morena

Despite the hardships faced by the PRD, we've been told that it is expecting another storm. The leader of the National Democratic Alternative (ADN), Carlos Torres Piña, warned that this week, his story with the PRD will be left behind. Through his social media accounts, he said that ADN will have a new beginning in the left but far away from “the personal cult and closer to the people.” Will the PRD members distance themselves from the party and come closer to Morena?

Will the Catholic church turn its back on pedophiles?

In the incoming weeks, social organizations dedicated to protecting the rights of children who have been sexually abused will present a case that will become a test for the leaders of the Catholic church in Mexico. We've been told that the case is about an alleged pedophile priest and they anticipate they will release the testimony of one of his victims. This organization has already launched lawsuits in similar cases. They claim that the way in which the issue is handled will show the policies promoted by Pope Francis will also apply to Mexico.


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