More Mexicans are choosing to stay single

A UNAM researcher states more Mexicans stay single nowadays but there is still some prejudice against single women
Mexico City
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February the 14th is Valentine's Day, and the single people are the ones who celebrate it the most, claimed Olivia Tena Guerrero, professor at the Feminist Research Program of Interdisciplinary Researches in Sciences and Humanities of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM).

Guerrero claims it's a mistake to assume single people lack a love – or a sex – life. In fact, she states the well-being of single people is better than that of married ones because the single population enjoys much more their personal activities.

The researcher said there is a growing tendency in Mexican society to remain single, and as such, society should strive to consider singleness as a normal status and not as a problem – a perception faced by women, most of all.

The professor said that while women over 40 are branded “spinsters”, men over 40 are seen, instead, as being focused on their careers and achievements.

It seems society puts a pressure on those who have decided not establish commitments and remain single, and while single doesn't mean alone, women are the ones who suffer the most for their singleness, as it still is culturally unacceptable for them to remain so, according to Guerrero.


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