Millennials prefer digital banking

Younger generations prefer using apps and digital platforms because they are more flexible

Millennials prefer digital banking
In recent years, the fintech industry started to take off in Mexico - Photo: Dante de la Vega/EL UNIVERSAL
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The gap between millennials and the older generations seems to become wider. According to an article published by EL UNIVERSAL, the use of digital banking has become so popular that banks could disappear in the medium-term since it is faster to carry out banking operations through mobile phones or apps, which have made it easier to transfer money, make payments, obtain credits and loans, hire insurance policies and other services without the need to get in line at the bank or carry out these operations during rigid working hours.

According to a survey, millennials feel safer by establishing contact with their banks through a digital platform than attending a branch or dialing a phone number to explain their doubts or issues. On the contrary, older people feel more comfortable by going to the bank and talking to employees who are emphatic, instead of handling financial services through a device they don't know how to use, even if it has a friendly user interface.

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Although it is highly plausible to rely on the use of technology in the every day life, where bankarization is only oh those factors, to turn this into a reality it's necessary to guarantee internet access and mobile telephony throughout the country, something necessary for anyone to join digital banking.

Another factor that seems to be ignored is that banks are betting on digital platforms, nevertheless, computers and smartphones are vulnerable to cyber attacks, for example, in recent months, Yahoo, Facebook, and Pemex have been targeted by hackers. Moreover, there are hundreds of phishing cases, where people provide important information through their e-mail. Nowadays, the issue is not about friendly apps, but rather about security.

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