Mexico will spend half a billion to fight poverty in 2020

The federal government will focus on welfare programs next year

Mexico will spend half a billion to fight poverty in 2020
President López Obrador has vowed to eradicate poverty and inequality - Photo: Henry Romero/REUTERS
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Mexico's 2020 budget is focused on helping the poor.

The resources allocated to eradicate poverty reached MXN $470, 626 million for 2020; this sum represents 41% of the total budget allocated for welfare and its aim is to reduce the risk and social and economic vulnerability.

Many of these programs proposed for 2020 are new or will substitute others, nevertheless, the programs that maintain the names will receive more resources in 2020. For example, three programs launched by the Well-being Ministry and four programs launched by the Education Ministry will receive MXN $192,800 million in 2020; this sum is 33% higher than the MXN $145,000 million approved in 2019.

The three programs launched by the Well-being Ministry includes MXN $126.7 million for pensions for the elderly, which will benefit 6.8 million people.


On the other hand, the budget for Sowing Life, a program that aims to spark rural development, will increase by 25% and reach MXN $18,700 million in 2020.

The pensions program for people with disabilities will be increased by 66% and will reach MXN $11,600 million in 2020.


For 2020, the Education Ministry will continue with the operation of the Benito Juárez García Universities in its 79 locations; and will continue to provide 2.5 million scholarships for high school students and 324,000 scholarships for the youth who are part of the Youth Building the Future program, as well as the program to rebuild schools, eradicate education lagging, and aid people in extreme poverty with MXN $23, 400 million for 2020.

The resources allocated to eradicate poverty will be distributed in 25 programs and trusts launched by different ministries such as the Well-being, Education, Health, Agriculture, Communications and Transports, Agrarian, Territorial, and Urban Development Ministries, as well as the National Institute of the Indigenous Communities.

Health, Agriculture & Rural Development

The Health Ministry will receive MXN $79,900 million. The resources will be allocated to provide healthcare to marginalized communities through the Seguro Popular.

In order to ensure food self-sufficiency and rescue agriculture, the rural development and agriculture sectors will receive MXN $12,200 million.

Official numbers from 2018 indicate that there are 52.4 million people living in poverty in Mexico and 9.3 million in extreme poverty.


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