Mexico recovers archeological pieces located in Germany

Mexico recovers archeological pieces located in Germany

Mexico City
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The three archeological pieces belong to different times and Mesoamerican cultures

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Three archeological pieces, one from the Gulf of Mexico, one from Campeche, and one from Zapotec origin, which were in Germany were recovered and repatriated by the Mexican government, as informed today by the Culture Ministry.

In a statement, the federal agency stresses that the pieces were analyzed by the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) that discovered they are three pieces made in different moments and by different Mesoamerican cultures.

Photo: Courtesy of Culture Ministry

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The first piece is an anthropomorphic fragment of clay made on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico, on the region denominated as Mixtequilla, the current state of Veracruz. The piece was made during the Late Classic period (500-900 A.D.) and it is 33cm tall.

The second piece is a clay urn with an anthropomorphic face of Zapotec origin in a good conservation state that was made in the current state of Oaxaca during the Early Classic period (200-500 A.D.) and is 20cm tall.

Photo: Courtesy of Culture Ministry

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The third piece is a clay anthropomorphic clay figure allegedly from the Campeche region. Its origin and authenticity are yet to be confirmed.

Photo: Courtesy of Culture Ministry

“Thanks to the arrangements of Mexico’s embassy in Germany, the pieces were delivered voluntarily without the need of engaging in legal action,” as reports the statement that concludes pointing out that the Mexican government has confirmed its commitment to recover of our cultural heritage abroad.

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