Mexico to pay homage to wrestling

Wrestling is one of the most popular shows in the country

Mexico to pay homage to wrestling
Blue Demon, a famous Mexican professional wrestler- Photo: Marío Guzmán/EFE
English 03/04/2019 13:54 Newsroom Mexico City Actualizada 14:03
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Yesterday, the lower chamber approved the National Lucha Libre Day in Mexico, which will be celebrated on September 21.

With 341 votes in favor, 60 abstentions, and 51 votes against, the lawmakers approved the bill and it will be sent to President López Obrador for him to issue an official declaration.

One of the reasons behind this proposal are the characteristics of this sport, which is famous worldwide.

The bill explains that “Lucha libre is considered as an international reference of Mexican culture. The sport and cultural expression is a mixture of sports and theater performances, which make it the most popular sport-show in Mexico.”

The document also emphasizes how this sport is “part of Mexican culture” and highly popular among Mexicans and foreigners.


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