Mexico offers USD $100,000 aid to Lebanon after Beirut deadly explosions

Last August 4, a massive explosion rocked Beirut’sport killing hundreds of people and injuring thousands

Mexico offers USD $100,000 aid to Lebanon after Beirut deadly explosions
Smoke billows from harbor area with damage and debris after a large explosion rocked the harbor of Beirut, Lebanon – Photo: Wael Hamzeh /EFE/EPA
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The Mexican government will donate USD $100,000 for the international humanitarian emergency response created to aid Beirut, Lebanon’s capital.

Last August 4, a massive explosion was registered at Beirut’s harbor in a storage unit that contained ammonium nitrate killing hundreds of people and injuring thousands.

Mexico’s Foreign Affairs Ministry (SRE) said that the resources will come from the Humanitarian Aid Fund of the Mexican Agency for International Cooperation for Development (AMEXCID).

“In support of the call of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, the Mexican funds will endorse the Lebanese Red Cross response plan,” added the SRE.

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That institution, added the SRE, provides first aid and emergency medical care and expects to provide temporary shelter for up to 10,000 families in the upcoming weeks. Likewise, it provides psychological support to those affected and contributes to the communication between people who have been temporarily separated.

The agency added that Mexico and Lebanon have deep friendly and collaboration ties strengthened by the contributions of the wide Mexican community of Lebanese origin. By providing support during this critical stage of the initial response to the tragedy, Mexico’s government confirms its solidarity toward Lebanon’s people and government.


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