Mexico: Member of the International e-Sports Federation

Mexico's National e-Sports Federation is now the 47th member of the International e-Sports Federation

Mexico is now a member of the International e-Sports Federation
English 29/06/2018 19:27 Universal Deportes Mexico City Actualizada 19:39
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Last Monday, the International e-Sports Federations’ board of directors approved for Mexico’s National e-Sports Federation (FNDEM) to become its 47th member, thus making Mexico the third American country, after Argentina and Costa Rica, to be part of the institution.

Furthermore, a cooperation agreement was signed with the Korean e-Sports Association, who will pass on their experience, resources, and knowledge to promote e-Sports in Mexico.

“The International e-Sports Federation (IESF), under the management of the Secretary-General Leopold Chung, is pleased to know that the FNDEM’s efforts have yielded good results in the promotion of e-Sports,” the statement said.

Mexico's membership certificate - Photo: IESF


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