Mexico to implement a new plan to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic

Mexico City’s plan against COVID-19 set an example for the rest of the country

Mexico to implement a new plan to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic
Mexico previously dismissed testing; however, it is now part of its new strategy - Photo: Rebecca Blackwell/AP
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Mexico City’s plan to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic inspired the federal government to implement the same strategy, which includes measures that were previously deemed as unnecessary or were reserved for confirmed COVID-19 patients. 

The federal administration registered a decrease in some indicators regarding the pandemic; however, it will not let its guard down, and instead, it will launch an ambitious plan: it aims to visit or call each home to detect every COVID-19 case. In contrast with the previous strategy, which considered medical attention was aimed only at urgent cases, now the government plans to provide attention to possible cases, even if they don’t have evident symptoms. 

Moreover, Mexico will be joining the Covax program. Thanks to a petition the country made at the G-20, Mexicans could have early access to the first COVID-19 vaccine approved by experts. 

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Mexico must remember that in Europe, the second wave of contagions was sparked by the young people who ignored prevention measures and resumed their social activities. This risk is also present in Mexico because the government considered that only older people would be susceptible to the virus and would require hospitalization. On the other hand, the Mexican government believed the majority of young people would present mild symptoms and side-effects, this is why they were not admitted into hospitals and sent home for two weeks. 

Therefore, the new measures Mexico is going to implement are essential, especially after the United Nations released a study that revealed Mexico registered a 219% increase in its mortality rate. This alarming increase is the result of the COVID-19 pandemic, but it is necessary to mention that a large number of deaths were the result of shortages in the health sector. 

This change in strategy was urgent. Mexicans can expect a noticeable decrease in the number of contagions, which will allow the country to break with transmission chains and halt new outbreaks like the ones registered in other countries when they resumed their everyday activities. 


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