Mexico has a long way to go

The United Nations has signed an agreement with the Mexican government to monitor the creation of the National Guard

Mexico has a long way to go
The National Guard will be in charge of public security - Photo: Jorge Dan López/REUTERS
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Since the beginning of this century, Mexico has been plagued by insecurity. It has been controlled in certain regions but then the violence rates increase in other areas. Criminal groups are disbanded, but then, new ones rise from the ashes, which are also more violent.

Governments from different parties haven't been capable of finding the right formula to lower the crime rates. The problem has never been solved, it is sometimes contained, although it has not been easy.

When Andrés Manuel López Obrador took office, no one expected the situation to change overnight...or even during the first few months.

Nevertheless, the crime levels are increasing and experts claim that the first trimester of 2019 will be the most violent ever registered. Besides the numbers from January and February, we also have to add the numbers from March, which will be available on April 20, and all the forecasts suggest that the increasing trend will be maintained.

The federal government's main proposal to fight organized crime is the creation of a new security body, the National Guard, which has been criticized because experts consider that it relays on an already tested formula, that is not successful, by incorporating soldiers among its ranks to fight crime; also, they see it as a threat to human rights. In order to dissipate those fears, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet, is currently in Mexico to announce that the international organism will monitor the creation of the National Guard.

Violence that has destroyed the lives of thousands of people all over the country, which has also affected and altered the lives of many, in the face of scarce results. What has gone wrong?

Insecurity is a serious problem, along with the economy, politics, and social issues in the most violent regions. If all these issues aren't solved, the results will not be successful.

Also, results will begin to show once the foundations of the new strategy are laid, beyond political ideologies and when the structures created to fight crime aren't targeted by political vendettas.

The modification of security structures every six years only generates confusion and inefficiency, instead of certainty and efficiency.


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