Mexico City: Corruption within the police force

Allowing corruption to spread is equal to allowing a malignant tumor to grow in a healthy body. The consequences could be terrible for the safety of the capital city of the country

Mexico City: Corruption within the police force
English 14/05/2018 08:48 Mexico City Newspaper Leader by EL UNIVERSAL Actualizada 09:02
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Violence rates which have heightened in several areas of Mexico are the result, according to experts on the matter, of impunity and the collusion between criminal gangs and police departments. Cases where drug cartels literally have operators within local police forces are not uncommon. The most recent case took place earlier this month in San Martín Texmelucan, Puebla.

EL UNIVERSAL publishes today a video showing two Mexico City police officers receiving money from alleged drug dealers in a low-income block of flats in the Historic Downtown, known by local authorities as a drug dealing hotspot as in this place drugs are distributed 24/7. Official reports state illegal substances are sold in this place at least since the year 2000. It's been almost two decades and the situation has barely changed.

From the video, it's possible to recognize Chief Officer René Domínguez Sánchez and Investigations Officer Juan Pedro Bernal Ramírez within this block of flats, located in the Jesús Carranza street. There, the officers talk with the alleged drug dealers who hand over to the cops a wad of money. How many times a week or a month do they receive bribes so criminals can carry on with their operations?

In this space, we have previously informed you that Mexico City has lost its quality as an oasis, which it held for many years for being a safe spot amidst the wave of violence which ravaged several areas of the country. In recent years, theft rates and murder rates have increased. In 2017, Mexico City registered the highest number of murders in the past 20 years. To reach this situation, which at times seems to be out of control, there have to be other factors in addition to the presence of a criminal gang.

This video exposes one of these other factors: the collusion between cops and criminals. In exchange for money, criminals are allowed to commit crimes. What happens to the control exerted by the police and the training of its officers? The trust tests, if carried out, aren't very useful then.

According to the authorities, the spike in crime rates was a consequence of the release of several criminals which benefited from the changes to the criminal justice system which entered into effect in 2016.

Probably this is also another factor but it's vital that all the failures within our law enforcement agencies are accepted and corrected.

Allowing corruption to spread is equal to allowing a malignant tumor to grow in a healthy body. The consequences could be terrible.


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