Mexico addresses the environmental crisis by banning plastic bags
In Mexico, companies and the mining industry have contributed to the pollution of rivers and oceans - Photo: Courtesy of The Ocean Cleanup

Mexico addresses the environmental crisis by banning plastic bags

Mexico City
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At least 27 states are working to ban plastic bags and non-reusable plastics in Mexico

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The planet is starting to feel the strain caused by its 8,000 million inhabitants, as they affect all ecosystems. In recent years, the misuse and exploitation of natural resources have led to the destruction of forests and mangroves, the pollution of rivers, and the extinction of several species are only a few examples.

Among the most shocking images that depict the accumulation of plastic in rivers and oceans all over the world. In Mexico, the quest to eradicate the use of plastic bags has become the first step towards the implementation of eco-friendly measures.

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Since January 2020, Mexico City banned the use of plastic bags and other states are working to implement the same measure, which shows the country is turning away from plastics. And although not all the states are working at the same pace, at least 27 states have legislated in favor of the elimination, decrease, and substitution of non-reusable plastics. However, the states that are several steps behind are Sinaloa, Campeche, Michoacán, Tlaxcala, and Baja California Sur.

However, although these measures are necessary, plastic bags are only a minimum part of the problem. It should be the first step for Mexico to adopt a priority to protect the environment, a new strategy that includes business leaders, society, and the government. For example, in the face of the pollution of rivers and lakes with toxic waste, fishing protected species, illegal logging, and other problems, Mexico requires a national environmental strategy.

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In Mexico, business leaders have to create an environmental protection culture, people should be responsible for the consumption of certain products, and authorities have to enforce the law.

Although it seems like the country’s environmental richness is not valued, that its defense and protection is the sole responsibility of NGOs. Now, the banning of plastic bags involves every Mexican. It should be clear that this measure aims to protect the environment and the earth.

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