Thank-you meals for healthcare workers

People around the world consider healthcare workers are the heroes of the COVID-19 pandemic

Mexicans give thank-you meal kits to healthcare workers fighting COVID-19
The team prepares meals for 200 healthcare workers - Photo: Juan Boites/EL UNIVERSAL
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A team of eight people, including Francisco Gurría, are showing their gratefulness toward healthcare workers tending to patients with COVID-19 at the national institutes of Respiratory Diseases, the “Salvador Zubirán” Institute of Medical Sciences and Nutrition, and the “Doctor Manuel Gea González” General Hospital.

Francisco Gurría and his friends work as fast as they can, slicing bread, cooking eggs, separating bottles of water, and getting everything ready to feed healthcare workers at the frontline of the COVID-19 pandemic.


The group of friends has made over 1,200 breakfasts for doctors and nurses.

Francisco is a veterinarian and since Mexico’s lockdown began, he has had fewer clients. That is why now, he gets up at 8:00 to go to nearby markets for ingredients. He then returns home, puts on gloves, disinfects everything he bought, and begins working with his friends.

With gloves and face masks, the team buys all the ingredients to begin preparing sandwiches and tortas at 8:00 in order to feed 200 healthcare workers.


Armed only with their hands covered with gloves and their face masks to prevent any contamination in the food they give away, the members of the initiative prepare the different fillings that will go on the tortas and make kits that they deliver on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

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Inside paper bags, the kits also include sweets, fruits, juices, or water for doctors. Once ready, they are put in cardboard boxes and taken to hospitals so that the medical staff can eat them.


The group ignores whether their project will last for long for, although they do not make any profit from this kind act, part of what they gift healthcare workers at the frontline of the coronavirus pandemic is thanks to donations they have obtained from people who, just like them, are grateful for the duties performed by healthcare heroes during the coronavirus health emergency.

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Through the hashtag #GraciasPersonalMédicoMx, where people can get in touch with them to donate vegetables, fruits, and other ingredients to prepare the meal kits. Nearly 40 people have joined the project through donations.

“Here [at the hospital] we’re working a lot: very hard every day since the beginning of the pandemic. This kind of action makes us feel we have support,” said Carmen, a doctor at the INER who received the food the group delivered.

Carmen explained that the food they receive benefits resident doctors for they can keep it during the night to ease the anxiety caused by battling the new coronavirus.


Martha Medina is another of the members that help doctors. She explains that one of the reasons to undertake this project is the attacks of which healthcare workers had been the victims of.

“When we read the news, went by the hospitals, and talked to friends of the sector about the situation they’re living, we decided to give them support; it’s extremely sad to know there are people who want to hurt them and that reject them publicly when they are the ones at the highest risk in this situation,” she says.


Hence, she urges the population to keep making donations so as not to forget those at the COVID-19 frontline.

“The day has many hours and we’re going to make the most of our time by being supportive to those who are risking their lives for us,” said Martha Medina.

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