Mexicans build airplane for Godzilla movie

The movie, directed by Michael Dougherty, will film two days in the streets of Mexico City

The last movie of the Japanese monster was released on 2014 – Photo: Courtesy of WARNER BROS.
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In the last three weeks, Mexican technicians have compelled themselves to the construction of an airplane that will be featured in Godzilla in the Historic Center of Mexico City, next week.

For three weeks, Santo Domingo, on the first square of the capital, will be part of the new movie of the Japanese monster directed by Michael Dougherty, Krampus director, and X-Men writer.

“It seems the airplane will be destroyed,” said a source from production.

Up to now, Mexico City Film Commission (Comisión de Filmaciones de la Ciudad de México) and the Local Secretariat of Culture (Secretaría de Cultura local) have not disclosed any information.

According to the traffic light promoted by the Commission, Godzilla will be a high impact production ( red color) due to its location. Filming in Mexico City costs MXN$ 826.50 daily for using pedestrian or cycling transit routes and MXN$ 1,121 for using vehicular transit routes.

From Saturday, August 19 to Tuesday, August 22, a series of vehicular closures will be made in the Historic Center of Mexico City due to the filming of Godzilla: King of Monsters


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