Mexicans abroad raise money

Similar scenarios are repeated all over the world since the Mexican community strongly believes that even from far away, everybody can help

Photo: Taken from Solidarity with Mexico - Voluntary Donation Facebook event
English 28/09/2017 13:00 Newsroom Actualizada 13:00

Mexicans from all over the world are organizing events to raise funds and send them to organizations that deal directly with those affected by the 7.1-magnitude earthquake that hit Mexico on Tuesday, September 19.

Similar scenarios are repeated in Spain, Canada, the United States, the Netherlands, France, Chile, Belgium, New Zealand, Italy, Australia, Singapore, Morocco, Japan, Portugal, Germany and several other countries, where the Mexican community has shown that despite the distance, they do not leave their country.


A group of young Mexicans, lead by Karen Verónica González, has committed the best and most admirable crime, since asking insistently for money on the streets is illegal in that country, yet that has not stopped them from asking for donations to help Mexico.

Since last Tuesday, neither law nor rain has stopped them. These young Mexicans, who run through the busiest streets of the city, from the Spire to the Temple Bar area.

"Mexico needs your help" they proclaim in the streets as they distribute leaflets that detail the websites from which donations can be made.

They have collected about EUR$404 which have already been sent to Mexico.

Photo: Courtesy of Karen Verónica González


The Mexican community in Madrid organized a fundraising and since last Wednesday they have gathered at strategic points of the city such as Callao, Gran Vía, Puerta del Sol and Santiago Bernabéu.

So far they have managed to raise about MXN$90,000.


Aggie Blanco Ugalde, who lives in Singapore organized a fundraising because she is experiencing impotence and uncertainty as many others, yet she strongly believes that there are many other ways in which, even from far away, everybody can help.

Photo: Taken from Mexicanos en Singapur Facebook group

The Netherlands

Arturo Villegas spent a year in the Netherlands studying a masters degree in Applied Physics at the Technical University of Delft. Along with several students in that country, he joined an event to raise funds for those affected by the 7.1-magnitude earthquake in Mexico

The event was held in a university space consisting of offering food in exchange for donations.

They managed to raise EUR$4,334.

Photo: Taken from Solidarity with Mexico - Voluntary Donation Facebook event