Mexican wins Google Latin American Research Award

We observe and determine carbon molecular behavior as information packs

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Researcher Hiram Eredín Ponce Espinosa received the Google Latin American Research Award with the project "Transfer Learning Using Artificial Hydrocarbon Networks: A Case Study in Robotics" in which the transference of knowledge in artificial intelligence is explored.

In an interview with the National Council of Science and Technology (Consejo Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnología abbreviated CONACYT), Ponce Espinosa, who is a research professor at the Faculty of Engineering of the Panamerican University (Universidad Panamericana abbreviated UP), explained that the award has the objective of supporting proposals that aim at the development of computing technologies.

The young candidate to the National System of Researchers (Sistema Nacional de Investigadores abbreviated SNI) detailed that the base of his project is a technique called artificial hydrocarbon networks that he proposed during his doctoral thesis and that has been already documented in several scientific articles.

"This method is inspired by the chemistry of organic compounds and its intention is to simulate chemical mechanisms intertwining them and generating chains of coal. From a computational point of view, we observe and determine carbon molecular behavior as information packs.”

According to the young researcher, the intention is that the same method will be used for the robots to transmit knowledge by learning and then teaching.


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