Mexican survivor writes 11-step guide to defeat COVID-19

Jorge Camacho is COVID-19 survivor who wants to help others overcome the deadly disease

Mexican survivor writes 11-step guide to defeat COVID-19
Jorge Camacho is 50-yeard-old Mexican who survived COVID-19 - Photo: File photo/EFE
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For Jorge Camacho, surviving COVID-19 was an opportunity to create a survival guide based on “common sense” that aims to help people in general to win the battle against this disease.

In an interview with EFE, the Mexican engineer and teacher, this guide comprised of 11 key steps was born due to his wish of not going to a hospital after being diagnosed with the new coronavirus.

Camacho, who is 50 years old, has hypertension, diabetes, and obesity, which put him at a “high risk” of complications, moreover, since he does not have a fixed income, he feared he would not be able to face the disease in economic terms.

Passionate for survival matters, for he confesses he likes stories of people who survived all kinds of obstacles, Camacho Treviño is interested in exploring why “a person lives and another dies” in identical situations.

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Therefore, amid his quarantine, he created a guide in order to help people increase their possibilities to survive the pandemic that has infected over 530,000 Mexicans and has killed more than 58,000 to date.

11 steps
The document, which is available for free at his Facebook page called “Camacho VS Covead” aims to help people who contracted COVID-19 to find the way to overcome the disease.

“Each Mexican that has my guide and follows the 11 steps will be likely to survive and spending less money than in a hospital,” he asserted.

The measures proposed by the Mexican engineer include contacting relatives and doctors to stay calm.

GUÍA DE 11 PASOS VS COVID No pierdas la calma. Llama a familiares, amigos y tu médico. Consigue termómetro,...

Publicado por Camacho VS Covead en Lunes, 10 de agosto de 2020

Camacho explained that these aid chains are essential to face the situation with calm and thus establish the best way to recover one’s health.

Moreover, people must have the tools to measure their temperature, their breathing, and other vital signs during the time they have the disease.

Hence, they will be able to know when to look for clinical help or just stay at home.

Likewise, he said, the patient must be aware that it is essential to stay home as much as possible and wear a face mask at all times so as not to expose their relatives.

Receiving medical care and guidance from health experts, he mentioned, is fundamental, but it must be done through digital platforms such as Zoom to take advantage of telemedicine, whenever it is possible.

He stressed the importance of having a healthy diet, “eating many green foods,” consuming citric fruits or supplements in case of lack of appetite since this can help increase the response capacity of the immune system.

He also said people must not ignore the possibility of being carriers of the virus for, in his case, he tested negative several times before being considered a patient with COVID-19.

“All these measures are related to common sense,” he asserted, however, he said this is not a therapeutic guide but a route that helped him overcome the disease receiving care at his home, which he asserts cost him around MXN $25,000.

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He also mentioned that one of the things to consider is mental health, so it is best to try to keep one’s mind busy, “for an idle mind will always come with bad thoughts.”

Helping the population
Although 42 days after showing symptoms he still suffers from complications of COVID-19, such as muscle fatigue and persistent coughing, Camacho Treviño is committed to helping those who have not contracted the disease.

That is why he hopes his guide can be a tool that is shared with the population and health authorities so as to prevent people from dying despite the underlying health conditions Mexicans have.


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