Mexican student triumphs at Sony World Photography Awards

Mexican student Liliana Navarrete competed against 350,000 photographers from all over the world

Mexican student triumphs at Sony World Photography Awards
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Liliana Navarrete, a Mexican student of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) who participated at the international contest known as the Sony World Photography Awards, won the first place of the “Open” category for the picture in which she captured UNAM’s Central Library from one of the hallways of the School of Architecture, where she studies.

The eighth-semester student of the Bachelor’s degree in Architecture competed against 350,000 people from 63 different countries and said that this is the first time she wins recognition for her photographic labor, which she has practiced as a hobby.

Navarrete said, through a statement issued by the UNAM, that the day she took the picture, she was waiting to receive one of her final grades when, sitting in one of the hallways of the top floor of building K, she noticed a new perspective of the library, which is usually seen paired by the Rectory Tower.

“The image relates architecture and photography, it’s a balance. My picture are almost always spontaneous; it’s a matter of being an observer and watching out for what’s happening around you,” said the architecture student.

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The picture, that won the National category, will be included at the competition’s annual exhibition at a gallery in Somerset House, in the United Kingdom, as part of the prizes, said Navarrete.

“Due to the COVID-19 health emergency, the award ceremony, which will be in London, has not taken place and there is still not a set date for the exhibition that is comprised of works from 63 countries, including Mexico, in the National division; moreover, there is a world tour to exhibit the pictures.”

According to the competition’s official website, the “Open” category, of which the UNAM student was part of, has the objective of discovering exceptional and independent images of the world, “in addition to providing an opportunity for photographers whose works would never be displayed otherwise,” said the organizers.

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The winners are awarded with tools to keep developing their photographic skills and with the publication of the winning picture in the book of winning works and at the Sony World Photography Awards annual exhibition in London.


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