23 | OCT | 2019
Mexican skaters to perform with Disney On Ice
Live performance of Disney On Ice in Mexico City - Photo: Agustín Salinas/EL UNIVERSAL

Mexican skaters to perform with Disney On Ice

Erika Monroy
Mexico City
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Disney On Ice will arrive in Mexico City on 18 July to perform at the National Auditorium

San Antonio, Texas.- For the first time in history, two Mexican skaters are part of the cast for Disney On Ice.

Jacobo Montemayor and Anais Treviño are skaters from the city of Monterrey. Anais studied marketing and Jacobo is an accountant. However, they have been ice-skating for most of their lives.

“I used to be just an athlete until I realized that I could combine sports with art. In here, you not only have to skate, you also need to act, become part of the story. I was completely blown away by the experience,” Montemayor stated.

He has participated in several shows with the Disney On Ice company, and he is very happy and eager to be part of the Disney magic.

“I thought the excitement from my first show would eventually wear off, but with ‘Persigue tus sueños’ (Follow your dreams) I felt it again. And to see the people and children enjoying themselves fills me with excitement.”

Anais is the team’s newest member. Although she has only been part of the company for eight months, she will participate in the new show, which will arrive in Mexico City on 18 July to perform at the National Auditorium.

Moana is one of my favorite princesses because she followed her dreams and saved her people. This shows how important it is to follow your dreams, and that’s what I did,” Treviño stated.

Jacobo is 32 years old and Anis is 24. Their current show has already toured Canada. In eight years, they have had some good times, and even though sometimes they slip and fall on-stage, they say it is best to just get up and dust the ice off.

“Sometimes we’re performing and suddenly we get confetti from other shows on our faces and that makes us slip and fall, but this job teaches you that the show must go on and you just have to get up,” Montemayor commented.

The show will feature some of Disney’s most beloved characters, such as Belle, Beast, Rapunzel, Moana, Elsa, and Cinderella. Each year, Disney On Ice produces a new show with the company’s most recent characters, although certain iconic characters are always present, like Mickey Mouse and Minnie, who work as narrators weaving the stories together.

The company has 45 skaters and a total of 100 staff members. In addition to other props, there are hundreds of costumes with special and unique features.

The show’s performances in Mexico will include Miguel Rivera, from the movie Coco. Disney On Ice will also perform in Guadalajara and Monterrey.


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