Mr. Niebla passes away

Also known as the "King of Guaguancó," Mr. Niebla was a brilliant wrestler with a fine technique

Mexican pro wrestler Mr. Niebla passes away
Mr. Niebla was 46 years old - Photo: File photo/EL UNIVERSAL
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Mexican wrestler Mr. Niebla died today at 46 years of age.

Also known as the “King of Guaguancó,” he was in the hospital some months ago for a bloodstream infection. After being absent from some of the shows he had scheduled in the Lucha Libre World Council (CMLL), Mr. Niebla explained that the reason was an injury that was not well-looked after which derived in a bloodstream infection that affected his joints and bones.

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It all began three months ago with a dislocation of the right elbow while he wrestled in Oaxaca. “These are the risks of this sport and the years I’ve been on it. This is the cause of my absence in León, Arena México, and the Guadalajara Coliseum.”

Today, the CMLL revealed the Mexican wrestler had passed away.

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“REST IN PEACE, MR. NIEBLA. The CMLL joins the sadness of the wrestling family due to the passing of wrestler Mr. Niebla, who had a brilliant career in the history of this sport as one of the most outstanding figures.” said the CMLL on Twitter.

Mr. Niebla was a fan of the América Eagles, a Mexican soccer team, and he even wrestled wearing the team’s shirt. He was an idol in his neighborhood and stood out in Lucha Libre for his talent and passion in his shows.

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Mr. Niebla was set to have a show on January 4 in the Pavón Sports Complex, where his name is almost a religion. He was one of the few Mexican wrestlers who knew how to adapt to the havoc and evolution of Lucha Libre.

He was an elegant wrestler with a fine technique that made his competitors suffer from his punishments and his efficient moves in the ring.

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MS1, Bestia Negra, and Popitekus were the first to try Mr. Niebla’s quality and lost their hair to the masked wrestler. But it was the masks of Estrella de Plata, Súper Brazo, and Ébola which sent him to stardom in Arena Mexico.

During his wrestling career, Mr. Niebla was a star both in the CMLL and the Triple-A (AAA). In the so-called “Star Caravan,” he had a strong rivalry with Abismo Negro. Later on, Niebla was able to reinvent himself as the leader of the “Black Death,” a group of three irreverent wrestlers that included Felino and Negro Casas.

In his new phase, Mr. Niebla was able to go to Japan as part of the Fantasticamanía tour and in 2014, he won the “Great Alternative” as the godfather of Cavernario.

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