Mexican pitcher breaks sexism barrier

In the classification to the World Cup, Rosi del Castillo won the awards to best starter, pitcher with more victories, and fewer runs

Mexican pitcher breaks sexism barrier
The Mexican Women’s Team will go to the Baseball World Cup – Photo: Taken from Team Mexico Baseball’s Twitter account
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The most difficult obstacles for women who aspire to be professional baseball players are not physical or technical. The biggest challenges are social since they fight to be accepted in a sport that is traditionally for men, who are also prey to cultural models by considering that being struck out by a woman is a double defeat.

In Mexico, like in many parts of the world, people are working to evolve conventional wisdom: baseball for men, softball for women.

The classification to the Baseball World Cup that will take place next year in Taiwan is a clear example that the place of women is not in the stands as fans, but in the field, playing the same game as men.

Rosi del Castillo of 22 years of age is the main pitcher of the Mexican Women’s Team that recently earned its ticket for the international competition.

In a game without hits or runs and other outstanding participations, Rosi helped Mexico classify to its first World Cup and won the awards to best starter, pitcher with more victories, and the one with fewer runs.

“It is a great achievement to be able to attend a World Cup in a geographic zone where they compete with other [sports] powers such as the United States, Canada, or Caribbean countries,” stated Rosi.

In 2015, the baseball player from Puebla became the first woman to play in a men’s professional league in which she remains until now thanks to the speed of her throws (78 miles per hour).

Del Castillo considers that sexism is the main reason why women find refuge in softball after not finding baseball teams where they can show their love for this sport.


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