Mexican Navy seizes 678 kg of cocaine in Manzanillo

The Mexican Armed Forces took over customs operations in late July

Mexican Navy seizes 678 kg of cocaine in Manzanillo
The shipment was bound for Japan - Poto: Taken from the Mexican Navy Ministry's Twitter account
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Mexico’s General Customs Administration (AGA), along with the Naval Unit of Port Protection of the Navy Ministry (SEMAR) and Mexico’s Attorney General’s Office (FGR), reported a “powerful blow” against the financial structures of organized crime with the seizure of an illegal shipment of 678.4 kg of cocaine at Colima’s Manzanillo port.

Such seizure took place on August 10 during the non-intrusive inspection with X-rays performed by Customs staff that are part of Mexico’s Tax Administration Service (SAT) and the Naval Unit in a container unloaded from a ship with a Japanese flag coming from Colombia and bound to Yokohama, Japan.

The inspection found 11 black raffia bags that contained brick-shaped packages.

Officials took samples of the material and, with equipment for the detection of illegal substances, they found the packages contained cocaine. There were a total of 575 packages that weigh 678.4 kg.

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The illegal shipment was made available to the corresponding authorities for the opening of an investigation file. With these actions, Customs, in coordination with other government agencies, hs reinforced the institutional guidelines that include increasing collection, reducing tax evasion, and fighting corruption.

The arrival that caused an official’s resignation
On late July, due to the difference of opinions about who should control the country’s ports, president Andrés Manuel López Obrador accepted the resignation of Javier Jiménez Espriú as the head of the Communications and Transportation Ministry (SCT).

In his place, he named Jorge Arganis Díaz as the new leader of the agency.

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In his resignation letter, Jiménez Espriú said: “The reason, which I’ve personally mentioned, is my dispute with your public policy decision of giving the Navy Ministry’s military scope the eminently civil functions of ports and the merchant navy that have been in charge of the Communications and Transportation Ministry since 1970.”