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Mexican filmmaker Eugenio Polgovsky dies at 40

César Huerta
Mexico City
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He directed the documentaries "Tropic of Cancer" and "The heirs"

 The documentary filmmaker Eugenio Polgovsky passed away last weekend in London at the age of 40.

The death of the filmmaker, who had been living in Europe for some time now, was confirmed to the Mexican Institute of Cinematography (IMCINE) by his sister Mara.

Polgovsky became known with his productions related to social issues, like in his film “Los herederos” (The heirs), which revolves around child labor and that was seen in more than 160 countries after being supported by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO.)

He ventured into the world of fiction with “Deficit,” the debut film of Gael García Bernal, in which Polgovsky worked as director of photography.

Winner of the Ariel award for the piece “Trópico de Cáner” (Tropic of Cancer) and “Salto de vida” (Leap of life), his filmography includes “Mitote” (Turmoil), filmed during the 2010 World Cup, taking advantage of the screens placed in the Historic Center of Mexico City.

"I think that the screening of documentaries in cinemas is very important and significant, but we still have a long road ahead so that many people go watch them," he told EL UNIVERSAL during his recent participation in the Morelia International Film Festival.

“The IMCINE regrets the death of filmmaker Eugenio Polgovsky”


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