Mexican film-makers at Comic-Con 2018

Independent Mexican film-makers will attend a conference to discuss their experiences in the movie industry

Mexican film-makers at Comic-Con 2018
Mexican film-makers will be part of the Comic-Con 2018 – Photo: Taken from Comic-Con's Twitter account
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Independent Mexican and North-American film-makers discussed the process of making their own films and what they have learned about their experiences, last Thursday at the Comic-Con in San Diego, the most important event in the comic industry.

Frank Rodríguez (My first movie), Jorge Araujo (Fantasías), the debutant Víctor Osuna, among others, are some of the Mexicans in the panel, while Mitch Hyman and Dirk Sholar are the North-American independent film-makers invited.

The idea is to discuss what are the challenges they and their movies face without the huge financial resources, says Rodríguez.

Rodríguez says that “last year I was part of the public, I was recording a live video, wearing a luchador mask and people took pictures with me, then someone approached me and asked what I did and all of a sudden I was with the conference organizers”.

He details how the organizers found out that “My first movie” had been commercially exhibited in the U.S. (in 4 theaters): “So they asked me to gather a group of 4 film-makers to talk about how you can achieve that, of course, in the U.S. an independent movie has a budget of US $2 million, that's the budget of a big movie in Mexico”, he says.

Also, he claims that he will look for co-funding in the U.S. and to establish distribution links.

What's more, “they will exhibit a bit of what film-makers in Jalisco are doing”, he said.


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