17 | OCT | 2019
Mexican co-production to compete in Cannes
Vanessa Paradis (at the center) plays a heartbroken pornstar - Photo: File Photo/AFP

Mexican co-production to compete in Cannes

Mexico City
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This is the second time that Julio Chavezmontes works with French producer Yann González. Their new movie “Knife + Heart” will be original and unusual

Cannes.- Little has been said about Mexico competing at the Cannes Official Selection on this year with a movie co-produced with France.

According to producer Julio Chavezmontes, there were several Mexican natural, human, and economic resources involved.

“Mexico is being represented at the Official Selection with this film that even had the support of EFICINE (Fiscal Stimuli for Projects of Investment in National Cinematographic Production and Distribution). Mexico usually produces its own films, but more and more countries have wanted to participate in Mexican filmmaking.”

This is of great importance to Chavezmontes: “I think this reflects upon the favorable moment our film industry is going through, we have reached a technical and creative excellence that makes other countries interested in partnering with us. I am convinced that our actors, technicians, and scriptwriters are at the level of any other country in the world. The international awards received by Guillermo Del Toro, Iñárritu, and Lubezki show that our industry is at a very good place.”

Julio is proud to be in Cannes: “This is as high as you can get in the art of film, and although we were very confident from the start, it’s not always easy to predict how the film is to be received by the festival, and it’s been a pleasant surprise to make it to the Official Selection.”

Chavezmontes tells in detail the important participation of Mexican professionals, such as actor Noé Hernández, and many other production team members. The movie was almost completely shot in Mexico.

This is the second time that Julio works with French producer Yann González. Their new movie “Knife + Heart” is a thriller with an interesting fusion of style inspired by directors Dario Argento, Pedro Almodóvar, and Brian De Palma. “It’s quite original and unusual. Yann has a unique voice as a movie director.”

In the movie, Vanessa Paradis plays the character of Anne, an actress from the homosexual porn film industry that finds herself heartbroken because her girlfriend Loïs, an editor at the production she works in, has dumped her. In order to win her back, Anne sets out to produce an ambitious film, and once production starts, a masked killer starts murdering the actors one by one.


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