Mexican blogger Yuya is threatened by “rapper” whose songs detail how to murder a woman

The disturbing lyrics glorify femicide and violence against women

Mexican blogger Yuya is threatened by “rapper” whose songs detail how to murder a woman
Yuya is a popular Mexican beauty vlogger who has launched her own makeup line - Photo: File Photo/EL UNIVERSAL
English 24/05/2020 11:34 Newsroom Mexico City Alexis Ortiz Actualizada 11:34
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Johnny Escutia, an alleged rapper and singer also known as “King de la Furia,” was exposed to sharing disturbing songs that glorify rape, femicide, and pedophilia. In particular, one of the songs took aim against Mexican beauty vlogger Yuya.

After the song lyrics went viral, social media users demanded that platforms like Youtube and Spotify take down the misogynist content, and days later, Spotify announced the songs were no longer available in the platform because they were considered hate speech

Through a video posted on her social media account, Yuya said that Escutia “has been openly threatening me and my family for some time.”She also thanked her fans for their solidarity 

The story went viral when a social media user questioned Spotify, explaining that the man’s songs explained how to kill, dismember, torture, and rape women and girls. 

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Despite the disturbing lyrics, Amazon Music and YouTube haven’t removed Escutia’s content. 



Later, more disturbing stories emerged. According to a social media who started a thread on Twitter to expose Escutia, the man shared a recording where he talks to the man who murdered Ingrid Escamilla in Mexico City earlier this year. Ingrid’s case shocked Mexico after it was revealed she was skinned and her pictures were printed by several newspapers. 

Escamilla also threatened to kill the woman who shared the thread on Twitter.

Several NGOs demanded authorities to protect the social media user who denounced Escutia and to investigate the man for his possible involvement in organized crime, femicide, pedophilia, and gender violence

After Spotify removed the disturbing songs, Escutia apologized to Yuya and said that his songs should be seen as “simple music” and argues that other songs in English are more brutal than his music, and people don’t protest. 

He also urged Yuya to file a police report against his music. 

The National Commission to Prevent and Eradicate Violence Against Women (Conavim) file a complaint against Johnny Escutia before the Attorney General’s Office. 
The Conavim asked the FGR to investigate Johnny Escutia after social media users denounced his troubling song lyrics, which glorify violence against women and femicide

According to the Conavim, the song lyrics “promote and call for violence against girls and women, they call for harassment, suicide, sexual abuse, femicide, torture, pedophilia, (enforced) disappearance, and other cats classified as crimes.”
The special commission added that its goal is to eradicate the contents that normalize gender-based violence and to guarantee that women have the right to a life free of all types of violence


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