It seems like every month the cases of Lesvy , , and María Elena are repeated in Mexico . Now, the latest victim is , a young woman who was by her partner in Mexico City , and whose body was skinned and dismembered , and her remains thrown down the sewage .

All these atrocious and brutal cases should have never happened but it seems like every case escalates in regards to violence . Although it is condemnable when a woman is physically and psychologically abused , there are many other crimes that are even more violent, such as acid attacks, beating women with things like baseball bats while they sleep, or like in the case of Ingrid , who was brutally murdered , skinned , and dismembered . Moreover, there are many cases of women whose bodies are dumped on the street, naked, as a sign of the lack of respect criminals have for women .


Ingrid Escamilla

’s case confirms terrible statistics: 70% of the attacks against women are perpetrated by people who are close to them. This shows that and involves public security issues, sexism , misogyny , mental health, and family values.

In this sense, it is important to analyze the measures the state government will implement in the state of Mexico , the most dangerous state for women and where increased by 7% and rape by 14% in contrast with 2018.

The pilot program will implement a in 11 municipalities in the state, which aims to find and halt aggressive or violent behaviors among young students because this way, authorities address and bullying from an early age. State authorities will also carry out a survey that will be analyzed to issue a diagnosis in regards to the problems that affect children and teenagers, especially those who come from broken homes as it has been identified that the majority of gender violence case stake place inside the home.

Therefore, if the government studies and implements prevention programs , it is possible to prevent men from thinking they have the right to attack women .



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