Today , Mexico City mayor issued a in Mexico's capital.

Through her social media accounts, Sheinbaum said that “one of my priorities was to establish public policies to eradicate . One of the (policies) that I want to highlight is the hiring and training of 166 women who have been working at the prosecution authorities agencies since May, to provide legal advice and accompany any women who want to report a sexual attack or domestic violence .”

The mayor since local authorities have shown support to women through the reporting process, the number of investigations and arrests have increased; nevertheless, the number of and rapes have increased. For example, between October 2018 and 2019 , the investigations for rape increased by 10%.

In her message, she explained that “65% of take place at home (…) and 95% of the abuses are perpetrated by people who know the victim .”

Besides the implementation of the gender alert , Claudia Sheinbaum will also send a bill to the local Congress , where she proposed the creation of Sex Offenders Registry .

Moreover, Sheinbaum will urge the local Congress to approve a law to punish harassment and gender-based digital violence known as the ; the law was proposed by local authorities a few months ago and led to the creation of the ADN bank , which will be used against .

This measure comes after sex crimes , , sexual abuse , and gender violence have increased in Mexico City. For example, a few months ago, at least four serial rapists were arrested in the city and in February 2019, several women reported attempted kidnappings inside Mexico City's metro system.

Moreover, sexual harassment , catcalls , fondling , , and other gender-based violence are common in Mexico City.

What is the Gender Violence Against Women Alert?

This alert ( AVGM ) is a protection mechanism for the human rights of women that is unique in the world.

In consists of a series of emergency actions to face and eradicate and/or the existence of an offense that prevents the full exercise of the human rights of women in a certain location. Violence against women can be perpetrated by individuals or by an entire community.

What is the main aim of the gender alert?

Guarantee the safety of women and girls, to halt violence against them, and to eliminate the generated by public policies that affect their human rights.

How many gender alerts are there in Mexico?

Gender alerts have been issued in the state of Mexico , Morelos , Michoacán , Chiapas , Nuevo León , Veracruz , Colima , San Luis Potosí , Guerrero , Quintana Roo , and Nayarit ,

Have some states have refused to issue a gender alert?

Yes. Guanajuato, Baja California, Querétaro, Puebla, Sonora, Tabasco, and Tlaxcala.

How many states are considering issuing a gender alert?

Campeche, Mexico City, Coahuila, Durango, Jalisco, Oaxaca, Puebla, Yucatán, and Zacatecas.


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