Meade vs. Jiménez Espriú

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Meade vs. Jiménez Espriú
José Antonio Meade - Photo: Diego Simon/EL UNIVERSAL
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Meade vs. Jiménez Espriú

Javier Jiménez Espriú, the Communications Minister, responded to José Antonio Meade's twitter message about the cost of the cancellation of Mexico City's new airport, and it caused a stir. “Stopping the construction of the airport is costing us USD $145,000 million,” said Meade on December 27. The next day he shared his methodology and where did he get the numbers from. Jiménez Espriú responded on Twitter and said that the “huge loss” was the “happy calculations of a sad man.” This way, without a number or data that would contradict what the former Finance Minister said. At the end of the day, Meade wished him a happy New Year and Jiménez Espriú did the same but after their comments on social media, it's become clear that the fight was won by Meade.

Will the cabinet use the ISSSTE?

Now that public servants no longer have major medical expenses and will have to affiliate to the e Social Security and Social Services Institute for State Employees (ISSSTE), we've been told that doctors and patients will wish that next year, the infrastructure and personnel will be enough now that the number of beneficiaries will increase and that the quality in the attention isn't affected, as they say, it isn't that good anyway. The Finance Ministry and the National Banking and Securities Commission were the first to stick to this austerity measure and informed that starting on January 1, all their workers, high-ranking officials, and retired workers will become ISSSTE beneficiaries. In the face of this decision, there are some who wonder if they actually run into President López Obrador or some Minister in a public hospital. Unless they claim they never get sick...

Government is O.K. with firings

We've been told that inside President López Obrador's government, they are working on a strategy to solve the demands made by those fired by the Tax Administration Service (SAT). But we've been told they're not willing to turn back in regards to the firings. That is, they won't rehire them. The decision was taken by following the austerity program and the SAT was the first to “set an example.” This way, with these savings, they consider that the SAT will have the moral authority to collect taxes.


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