Marcelo Ebrard comes under fire

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Marcelo Ebrard comes under fire
Marcelo Ebrard is the Foreign Affairs Minister - Photo: Carlos Mejía/EL UNIVERSAL
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Marcelo Ebrard comes under fire

Foreign Affairs Minister Marcelo Ebrard has come under fire amid Morena’s internal election. Although he is not a candidate, he has been attacked during the process. It would be naive to think that Ebrard is not an important factor in the race to lead the ruling party since he is one of the most important characters inside the movement. Nevertheless, in contrast to others, Ebrard has no time to engage in catfights because he is too busy completing his mission: obtaining the vaccine against COVID-19. Regarding this task, today he will announce the progress made. Sources said Marcelo Ebrard believes his 20 years of loyalty toward Andrés Manuel López Obrador and completing his tasks will be enough to win more points in his favor. 

Cristóbal Arias faces a few challenges

Carol Arriaga García, who wants to become Morena’s upcoming General Secretary, recently visited Michoacán. There, she was questioned over senator Cristóbal Arias Solís, who wants to become the next Governor. Her answer was blunt: she compared the decision to an insult to women. It seems like Carol Arriaga will do anything to protect women’s rights. It seems like becoming the Morena candidate to Michoacán won’t be that easy for Arias Solís. 

Party at the PAN

At least 10 governors, mayors, and other characters such as ex-president Vicente Fox, Ricardo Anaya, and Josefina Vázquez Mota confirmed they will attend an event to celebrate the PAN’s anniversary. Moreover, politicians from Germany, Argentina, Cuba, Chile, Peru, Uruguay, and Venezuela will also congratulate the political party. Sources said that due to the pandemic, PAN members will host a virtual event this year, which will be broadcasted through Facebook. So now that the party and the guests are ready, we’ll see how governors react to Ricardo Anaya’s return because after he announced his return to public life, none of the PAN governors commented on the matter. 

Activists question Yesenia Zamudio

After the clash between feminist groups, victims, and activist Yesenia Zamudio, a group of victims distanced itself from Zamudio. On Monday, victims’ families made an announcement, and asked not to be linked to Zamudio while they protested outside the Supreme Court. All this happened after it was revealed that Zamudio allegedly received donations for the “Ni Una Más” organization, but has yet to explain what happened to the money.