15 | FEB | 2019
Miguel Ángel Mancera presenting Recovery Plan – File photo/EL UNIVERSAL

Mancera presents reconstruction plan for Mexico City

Phenélope Aldaz
Mexico City
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Economical supports will be provided to victims depending on severity of damages to their properties

In order to support the victims of the 7.1 earthquake, the Mayor of Mexico City, Miguel Ángel Mancera, presented the Plan for the Reconstruction, Recovery, and Transformation of Mexico City, which is aimed to address all the buildings damaged after the 19-S earthquake.

To be eligible for the economic supports and other benefits, citizens first need to call Locatel (56581111) or go to one of the Comprehensive Attention Centers for the Reconstruction of the City.

With this information, the Government will issue a report of the building so Civil Protection members can go to the address and perform an inspection to determine the severity of the damages and assign a color to the property.

According to the color code, residents will be entitled to different economic supports, which can include window replacements, a monthly stipend for 3 thousand Mexican pesos for rent, or credit to buy a new home.

Green. Buildings with minor damages. The Government will cover the expenses of window replacements, cracks repairs, repairs of wall finishes or raised ceilings. The works will be executed by the Secretary of Works and Services (SOBSE).

Yellow. Buildings unfit to be inhabited during repair works. Credits for property improvement will be granted through the Institute of Mexico City Housing (INVI). In this case, repair works will be executed jointly with the Association of Real Estate Developers (ADI).

Red. Buildings with considerable structural damages. A “long-term mortgage plan with preferential rates at a cost which will allow the affected population to recover their homes,” according to the Mayor's statement.

To provide follow-up and transparency to these actions, the CDMX Platform for the Comprehensive Attention of Needs will be created, acting as a register for the earthquake victims, as well as the Commission for the Reconstruction, Recovery, and Transformation of Mexico City into a More Resilient City, formed by different Government Agencies.

To launch this plan, there is an initial sum of 3 billion of Mexican Pesos, which comes from the City's Emergency Response Fund, resources which will be added to the money collected in the Scotiabank account CDMX Reconstruction (00104503441).

According to the Secretary of Civil Protection, Fausto Lugo, so far they have reports of 9 thousand 095 hundred properties in green (not all require repairs); one thousand 308 hundred in yellow, and 500 in red.

Check the list of the Comprehensive Attention Centers below:


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