Letter signed by Zapata auctioned in Arizona

The letter, which contains orders for a weapons shipment, sold for over USD$ 4,000

Letter signed by Emiliano Zapata auctioned off in Arizona
Revolution leader Emiliano Zapata - File photo/EL UNIVERSAL
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A letter signed by one of the leaders of the Mexican Revolution, Emiliano Zapata, was auction yesterday in Arizona, U.S. for USD$ 4,250 according to representatives of the auction house.

Jimmy García, Operations Manager at Ej's Auctions & Consignment, with base of operations in Glendale, claimed that this verified letter was signed in 1916 and was acquired by a collector who lived many years in Mexico.

“Something which makes this letter unique, signed in 1916, three years before Zapata's death, is the clarity with which you can see his signature,” said the director of Ej's Auctions to EFE.

In the letter, signed in the Mexican city of Cuernavaca, the General, known as the “Caudillo of the South” talks about a weapons shipment which was headed for the then Ministry of Agriculture and Colonization.

(Letter signed by Emiliano Zapata – Photo taken from: ejsauction.com)

“It's a great piece for any collector,” said García, who auctioned for the first time an item of the Mexican Revolution and expected to get for it somewhere between USD$ 4,000 and USD$ 6,000.

The letter, part of a batch of historical documents which included a presentation card of US President Abraham Lincoln, was framed together with a photograph of the Revolution leader and a text box with a summary of Zapata's life.

Zapata is considered one of the key figures of the Mexican Revolution and his image is still today a symbol of the fight for justice and equality.


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