The LeBarón family is willing to take up arms against criminals

On November 3, nine members of the LeBarón family were massacred by cartel members

The LeBarón family is willing to take up arms against criminals
The LeBarón have faced a series of tragedies since 2009 - Photo: Marco Ugarte/AP
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In an interview with EL UNIVERSAL, Julián LeBarón, a member of the Mormon family who lost nine members to a massacre in Bavispe, Sonora, exposed an open wound for all Mexicans and emphasizes one of the most important issues in the country: how insecure every person feels because it affects everyone and makes us vulnerable.

Julian LeBarón and his family have been besieged by violence in the most brutal way. Ten years go, he lost his brother and he has been attacked by cartel members. After these tragedies, LeBarón has stopped believing in justice and in the security, the Mexican government should provide for him and his family. His demands and legitimate and although it is constantly said that you can't fight fire with fire, the widespread feeling of insecurity has made a lot of people consider arming themselves.

Mexican authorities made arrests in connection with the LeBarón massacre

In the case of the LeBarón, in both incidents in 2009 and 2019, impunity seems to prevail, which has prompted them to voice their disappointment for the absence of justice and security. Julián LeBarón called authorities traitors after they have failed to provide security and protection yet they receive a salary from society. When asked if he would join politics to try and deliver justice, LeBarón said he doesn't believe in the system and doubts things will change, confessing how nauseating the situation makes him feel, since politicians only want to control others without giving anything in return. In any case, he will demand justice and security from civil society.

Moreover, Julián LeBarón said that if he could, he would arm himself to protect his family. He added he doesn't need permission from someone who is doing nothing to halt violence and crime and who has only launched a campaign to disarm society, the victims.

4 suspects arrested in connection with the LeBarón massacre

In the U.S., all the mass shootings have been the consequence of the sale of weapons and the people's right to own a gun. In Mexico, on the contrary, there is a more strict control to possess a gun; nevertheless, it seems like guns are always in the hands of the wrong people because the government is not fulfilling one of its most important tasks: protecting society.


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