The LeBarón family has been under threat for a decade

In 2009, three members of the Mormon community were kidnapped; that's when the nightmare began

The LeBarón family has been under threat for a decade
On November 4, at least 9 members of the LeBarón family were murdered in Mexico - Photo: Stringer/AFP
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The murder of three women and six children from the Mormon LeBarón family in Mexico seem to confirm that the security strategy needs to be modified urgently, in order to correct the mistakes or adopt a new direction.

The shocking story behind the LeBarón family

In the last decade, the Mormon community, known as LeBarón, has been besieged by organized crime. In 2009, 17-year-old Erick LeBarón was kidnapped but the Mormon community publicly announced that they would not pay the USD $1 million ransom and in the end, Erick LeBarón was released without paying a dime. Nevertheless, two months later, Benjamín LeBarón and Luis Widmar were kidnapped and murdered as a result of the Mormon community's activism against violence. Since then, the LeBarón family has been constantly threatened.

Mormon family ambushed and massacred in Mexico

The LeBarón family is an example of the failed security strategies implemented by the Mexican governments. Since 2009, this Mormon community has been protected by the Federal Police, yet this didn't prevent Monday's massacre. Moreover, the place where they inhabit has been riddled with crime in the last 10 years but neither the Chihuahua or the Sonora governments, nor three different federal administrations have been able to halt violence.

The situation involving inefficient and officials and agencies who have been unable to halt violence has been repeated throughout the country, where violence is rooted despite the arrival of new administrations. On the contrary, the situation has escalated. Previously, authorities argued that violence only affected organized crime groups but now the criminals threaten whole cities, as in the case of Culiacán or the attack against members of the Mormon community in Mexico, where three women and nine children were massacred.

The Sinaloa Cartel subdues the Mexican government

Despite new governments and strategies, nothing has changed in Mexico in the last decade. Places like Minatitlán, Coatzacoalcos, Uruapan, Aguililla, Tepochica, Culiacán, and Bavispe are locations where bloody incidents have taken place in 2019.

The peace messages and the calls for criminals to reconsider their actions are not enough, moreover, their actions show that they don't seem to fear the government. Exploring new paths is necessary to halt violence in the country.

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