Karime Macías attempts to prevent her arrest in Mexico

Karime Macías claims to live a modest life yet she lives in one of the most exclusive neighborhoods in London

Karime Macías attempts to prevent her arrest in Mexico
Karime Macías has been accused of diverting millions in public funds - Photo: File Photo/EL UNIVERSAL
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Karime Macías Tubilla, who recently divorced former Veracruz Governor Javier Duarte, filed a new protective measure to prevent her arrest in Mexico as she is accused of diverting MXN $112 million while her ex-husband was in office.

A judge will decide whether or not the fugitive is granted an amparo on March 11.

In a lawsuit filed on February 14, Macías didn’t ask for a suspension since she is facing an extradition process in London, England.

In addition, the former first lady of Veracruz requested an amparo against an arrest warrant issued against her for the embezzlement of MXN $112 million while she was the head of the National System for Integral Family Development (DIF) in Veracruz.

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The extradition trial will take place on November 16, however, she is free after she paid an MXN $3.5 million bail, although she is not allowed to leave London and is constantly monitored by authorities.

The Veracruz Prosecutor’s Office accuses Karime Macías of orchestrating the simulation of contracts between several companies and the Veracruz DIF when she was its president, which culminated in a tax fraud that amounts to MXN $112 million.

Karime Macías fled Mexico after her former husband was accused of fraud, organized crime, and embezzlement by authorities. She claims to live a modest life in London but evidence suggests the contrary as her children attend a prestigious private school and the family lives in an apartment near Queen Elizabeth II’s residence.

Karime Macías and Javier Duarte recently divorced. Their divorce settlement allows Duarte, who is currently in jail, to visit his children in England or anywhere else and also requires him to pay a large child support sum.

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