Israeli DJ killed in Mexico

DJ Ronen Dahan, also known as Perplex, died on Saturday morning

Israeli DJ killed in Mexico
The DJ was based in Stockholm - Photo: Taken from PERPLEX's Facebook page
English 01/07/2019 12:25 Newsroom & Agencies Mexico City Reuters Actualizada 12:30
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Unidentified gunmen shot dead Israeli electronic music DJ Ronen Dahan, also known as Perplex, during an attack at a dance club in San Luis Potosí, authorities said on Saturday.

In a statement, the Attorney General’s Office for the state of San Luis Potosí said that a group of armed men entered the club early on Saturday and opened fire, killing Dahan, 45, and wounding three other people.

One of the wounded later died of his injuries in a hospital.

The shooters left the building and their whereabouts were still unknown, the statement said. The motive is still not clear.

The Attorney General’s Office said Dahan was believed to be performing at the club and was identified by the documentation he had on him. He was an Israeli national, the statement added.

An official Facebook page for Dahan said he was born in France, grew up in Israel and was now based in Stockholm.

His body will be sent to Israel.


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