Is Irma Eréndira different from Virgilio Andrade?

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Is Irma Eréndira different from Virgilio Andrade?
Irma Eréndira will investigate Manuel Bartlett’s son - Photo: Sásheka Gutiérrez/EFE
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Is Irma Eréndira different from Virgilio Andrade?

The credibility of the federal government rests on the hands of Irma Eréndira Sandoval. The Public Administration Minister will be in charge of making a difference with the Peña Nieto administration when the Public Administration Ministry covered several corruption cases. During the previous administration, Virgilio Andrade was set to investigate Enrique Peña Nieto for corruption acts and conflicts of interest, as well as Finance Minister Luis Videgaray. In the end, Andrade exonerated both. In the case of Irma Eréndira, she exonerated CFE director Manuel Bartlett. Now, she will investigate León Bartlett, Manuel Bartlett’s son, after he received the direct adjudication of contracts for the purchase of ventilators

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Congress won’t work tomorrow

We’ve been told that the Congress’ Permanent Commission might not work tomorrow. Yesterday, the country implemented the Navy Plan and the DN-III Plan, some groups considered that it’s not convenient for legislators to travel from their states to Mexico City for the session. They add that as the federal government explained, the COVID-19 pandemic is expected to reach its peak on Wednesday. In the case of the PAN, they are analyzing the possibility to carry out the session online but for now, they have told their senators not to travel to Mexico City. 

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Ricardo Sheffield didn’t use his privilege 

Ricardo Sheffield, the head of the Profeco, tested positive for COVID-19 and has answered the question of where have government officials and their families got tested. The question came up after it was revealed that Minister Irma Eréndira Sandoval and her family got tested at the Nutrition Hospital, one of the most modern public hospitals in the country; however, it is meant to treat patients who have no Access to the IMSS or ISSSTE. On the other and, Sheffield said he got tested in a private laboratory, Good for Ricardo Sheffield, who didn’t use his position to obtain privileges

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Jaime Bonilla’s future is at stake 

The Supreme Court will finally solve the issue surrounding Jaime Bonilla’s governorship and decide if he will be governor for two or five years. Yesterday, minister Fernando Franco González Salas presented his project, which proposes to declare the so-called Bonilla Law as unconstitutional. Now, the minister’s proposal must be voted by the majority of ministers. 

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