24 | MAY | 2019
An independent and strong Supreme Court
There must be balance between all powers - Photo: Denis Larkin/EL UNIVERSAL

An independent and strong Supreme Court

Mexico City
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In an interview with EL UNIVERSAL, the Supreme Court's minister, José Ramón Cossío, claims that the Supreme Court will compete with the political power and face new challenges

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During this time, the country needs the Powers of the Union to fulfill their responsibilities with a government vision, through joint efforts. The balance between both powers is part of a democratic maturity, which is the purpose that must be achieved permanently to give sustainability to any future project.

The core of democracy is checks and balances between public institutions, so that mutual monitoring turns into a routine healthy exercise to guarantee the fulfillment of the social contract. Mexico has achieved progress in this area in the last decades and, in the face of the current situation, it is essential to continue in this direction.

A crucial piece that has helped in the balance between the Powers of the Union is the Supreme Court of Justice (SCJN), which has become a counterbalance for the legal decisions made by those powers that violate individual rights or contradict essential laws. During the alternation period, carrying out this task before the political power has strengthened and legitimacy to the Court.

In an interview published by EL UNIVERSAL today, the Supreme Court minister, José Ramón Cossío, claims that it is predicted that in the near future, the Supreme Court will compete with the political power and face new challenges. This in regards to the fact that his work at the Supreme Court will come to an end on November 30, after 15 years of service. Cossío explains the type of challenges the Supreme Court will face.

The minister is retiring a day before the new President takes office, the most strengthened one by popular vote in the last decades, who will also have a majority in Congress, to carry out any government project. In this sense, it is necessary to insist on the need to have counterweights so that public policies and laws include everyone, so that they serve everyone.

In the face of this reality, the Supreme Court's role as an independent and strong court, as it has been until now, will help to maintain balance in power, to guarantee faithfulness from public powers to the Constitution, and to guarantee the respect towards fundamental rights. The democratic power in our country requires a balance between powers, so that mutual monitoring becomes a habit between institutions. This is a virtue that must be maintained in our public life.


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