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Huichol art in Mexico City

Ten monumental sculptures show the “richness and grandeur" of Wixárika art"
Rhinoceros - Photo: Camila Mata/EL UNIVERSAL
Mexico City
Iván Ruiz
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Huichol art has arrived at avenue Paseo de la Reforma in the form of ten monumental sculptures.

From the roundabout of Diana the Huntress to the Stele of Light, you can find a path embellished by the colorful designs characteristics of Huichol art. The twinkle of millions of golden and silver beads, at times, is reflected on the pedestrians who walk this avenue.

César Menchaca, curator of the "Largest Huichol Exhibition in the World", said in an interview that the intention of the exhibition is to show the general public the “richness and grandeur of Wixárika art,” [the name of the people in Huichol language],  since all the pieces were created by Huichol artists at a workshop founded by the social and cultural company Paricuta and Menchaca Studio.

A workshop which, according to the curator, was born with the idea of eradicating the hardships these artists encounter when selling their creations, as many times customers try to haggle the price of their works or pay less for them.

(Horse - Photo: Camila Mata/EL UNIVERSAL)

These pieces have a special value, according to Menchaca, given that it took the artists up to 5 years to make some of them, all the way from the concept art to their assembly. For this reason, he believes the works should be seen as pieces of art instead of crafts. 

As for the title of the exhibition, the curator explained these are the largest pieces of Wixárika art intervened thus far. The “Vochol” (a decorated Volkswagen) was considered the largest piece ever made, yet the ones currently on Reforma exceed its dimensions. For instance, there is a 5-meter F1 car or a 3-meter rhinoceros.

Since the opening last Wednesday, the sculptures have caught the attention of all kinds of spectators; those who only take a minute or two to look at them glance, those who take the opportunity to take a quick selfie, and those who examine closely all the details of the pieces.

The exhibition will remain throughout the whole month of February in Reforma.


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