Mexico's most terrifying experience

Horror Land experience takes place in an old mansion built in 1910 that is transformed into a set of horror stories every October and November since 2013

Horror Land, the most terrifying experience in Mexico
Horror Land experience takes place in an old mansion built in 1910 - Photo: Courtesy of OFVC Guadalajara
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From October 17 to November 15, Casa Francia (France House) opens its doors. It is a mansion located in Guadalajara where a special tour is available for terror fans. This old house offers the Horror Land experience, one of the most terrifying adventures of the season in Mexico.



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As every October and November since 2013, this mansion built in 1910 by Italian architect Enrique Choistry, is transformed into a set of horror stories and characters that have scared us in movies or in TV series.

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This year, Horror Land presents a series of new tours, such as the one inspired by the Warren Files, Annabelle, a dizzying experience in the dolls’ room where the famous possessed doll hides. Likewise, one the bravest will dare to cross the old abandoned circus guarded by the legendary Pennywise, based on the novel It by Stephen King. Finally, part of the tour will lead you to the psychiatric hospital Briarcliff Manor, from one of the most terrifying TV series in recent times, American Horror Story: Asylum, whose evil sisters will do the impossible for your soul to stay forever in the hospital.

The basic terror tour lasts for 30 minutes and, if you visit the Asylum section (at an extra cost) it will last for at least 45 minutes more, depending on the time you take to solve the puzzles you find on your way.

As safety measures, attendees are never touched by the actors, except in one case: Key Horror, an extreme terror experience in which they can touch you and fill you with blood. You can abandon the tour anytime by following the directions from the staff.

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Inside the mansion, there will be special areas where you can take pictures and have snacks.

The mansion
In 2012, the estate was used as the main setting for the film “The Echo of Fear,” which told the story of a spirit that haunts a house and is based on real events. At the beginning of the 90s, the mansion was used and restored by Sullivan’s Funeral Home for its operations. France House and its neighbor are the only chalets that survive from the early Colonia Moderna in Guadalajara. For long, visitors and neighbors assert to have seen supernatural manifestations near the mansion.

Useful information
The cost of the tour goes from MXN $180 to $330 per person. You can get your tickets via Ticketmaster.



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This event is only for people over 12 years old and the groups of 6 persons will be made as people arrive at the mansion. It is open Monday through Thursday from 21:00 to 00:00, however, on weekends it is open until 1:00. No cellphones are allowed during the tour.

For more information, visit and to book in advance and to have a more comfortable stay in Guadalajara visit

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