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Honduran family attacks Mexican merchants
A video shows a family attacking a Mexican man in Chiapas - Photo: Chris Carlson/AP

Honduran family attacks Mexican merchants

Fredy Martín Pérez / Corresponsal
Mexico City
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The video has been shared on social media countless times, fueling a xenophobic sentiment among many Mexicans

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A Honduran family beat a family of Mexican merchants who sell fruits in the streets of Chiapas, as a revenge for being expelled from the Rincón del Tigre neighborhood, after it was claimed they were causing problems in the area.

In a video that has been shared through social media, it can be observed how a family from Honduras attacks the merchants.

The Honduran woman complains that the merchants “collected signatures so that I was thrown out of my home in the Rincón del Tigre neighborhood,” a neighborhood located in Tuxtla Gutiérrez, where the Honduran family had been living for months.

In the video, it can be seen how a Honduran man attacks the Mexican man and kicks him in the face. The man's daughter tries to defend his father but she is helpless and so is her mother, who is grabbed by the fair by the Honduran woman and falls to the ground.

After a while, the Honduran woman asks her companion to stop beating the man and says “People here know what we are,” and flees the scene.

This case highlights the need to implement social programs to integrate Central American migrants into Mexican society so that both cultures understand and respect each other, and at the same time, fight xenophobia, which is on the rise since these migrant caravans started traveling through Mexico.

It is unknown if the Mexican family pressed charges against the attackers.


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