The Presidential Guard vs. Morena

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The Presidential Guard vs. Morena
MLO will fire the Presidential Guard - Photo: Tanya Guerrero/EL UNIVERSAL
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The Presidential Guard vs. Morena

During the tour that took place yesterday at Congress, to define safety aspects for the incoming presidential inauguration on December 1, things got heated. Elements from the Presidential Guard, who are in charge of President Peña Nieto's security and members of the President-elect's security team had a disagreement. We're told it had to do with the fact that the military personnel was looking to access the assembly hall in San Lázaro. The Congress leader, Porfirio Muñoz Ledo, had already announced that there wouldn't be soldiers during the December 1 ceremony, and it seems like Morena members want to stick to that decisions, but they claim the Presidential Guard, whose disappearance has been announced by the incoming President, insists that it has to access the venue to fulfill its duty. Who will win?

Lawmakers already requesting a leave of absence

We're told that today, federal lawmaker Zoé Robledo will be the first congressman to request a leave of absence to focus fully on his role at the future Internal Affairs Ministry. The President-elect, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, personally asked Robledo to ask for leave, as Mr. Zoé will be the incoming Vice-Minister of the Interior and will be in charge of the relationship with the Legislative branch. He will have only 22 days to work on relevant issues for the incoming government, as they have to start developing during AMLO's first day as President. Also, we're told that with this leave of absence, he's looking to send a message of certainty about the next presidential cabinet and, they explain, it'll be the first of many more that will take place in the incoming weeks.

Changes at the Supreme Court

A few days ago, the Supreme Court, led by minister Luis María Aguilar, informed the President that there is a position available after minister José Ramón Cossío leaves this position this month. With that, the formal process begins, as the President will send 11 proposals to the Senate. Although the process hadn't started yet, there were several contenders and many of them are self-promoting. Therefore, many changes are about to take place in Court: first, minister Cossío is leaving, then, in January, the new President takes office, and later in March, minister Margarita Luna Ramos is leaving, so the tribunal will have a new face during 2019's first trimester.

AMLO is saving his energy

We're told that the President-elect, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, is taking advantage of his lasts days of “freedom” to spend time with his family and save his energy before leading the country. This week, Mr. Andrés Manuel will take some time off to travel with his family. AMLO won't attend public events and will possibly travel to the beach. On Monday, the President-elect will go back to work and attend an event in Mérida, Yucatán, to speed up the Mayan Train project, along with the Governors and begin the last weeks before he takes office.


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